Minister of Health, homeopath

canva-homeopathy,-globuli,-naturopaths,-alternative-therapy-MACVo2bhD8EMinister of Health of the Czech Republic cautiously opposes the TCM and fails to fight homeopathy.

Even worse, he advocates it.

Let’s take a quick look into modern history of homeopathy in the Czech Republic:
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“Czech Trump” has become prosecuted prime minister

Andrej Babiš, billionaire, media mogul, anti-establishment populist, former totalitarian state police agent, became first prosecuted prime minister in history of Czech Republic.

He gained support of two other politic parties – Communists (KSCM) and Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD).
Both parties follow common anti-EU and anti-democratic course, SPD also spreads anti-immigrant mood. (EUROSTAT: 28 asylum seekers per million inhabitants of Czech Rep.!)


Does it matter to him whether the government gets the trust?
“I’m talking about people, not about what matters. You are dealing with “what matters”, in your bubble-journalistic world.” Babiš replied.

Czech democracy is dying and Václav Havel has been forgotten.

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