Podcast pilot episode

Yes, the very first episode of our podcast is out!

We were talking about useful and scam methods of detoxification, global warming, 10 threads to global health, and other things.

Audio quality is partly terrible, please, be forgiving, we will our best for the next episode.

MoSL pilot episode (001)


Short report on measles situation in Czech Republic

The situation is not critical but also not good. Vaccination rates are declining, the number of cases of infection is rising.

94 patients has measles just in Prague since the beginning of the year:

    • children and adolescents up to eighteen – 31 cases (9 children vaccinated, 6 was under 13 months of age and 16 was not vaccinated because their parents rejected or postponed it, 7 was vaccinated in Ukraine, parents of 2 (foreigners) did not find necessary information about the vaccination of their kids)
    • adults – 63 cases

There are 154 cases of measles in Czech Republic from January to the end of October 2018. 

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