TCM in a tight corner

Good news, everyone!


For three years the TCM ambulance has been operating at the Hradec Kralové’s University hospital. However, the planned TCM Center’s construction stopped.
The new large Center was originally planned as a part of the hospital structures, but in

March the Health Ministry’s expert group decided that it could remain at the originally planned site but only as a separate organization.
And recently members of Czech Parliament removed TCM from the list of medical disciplines. 
At last TCM can not be officially taught at medical schools. And due to the change of law, “TCM therapist” will be newly defined as healers.
“The main objection to Chinese medicine as a regular component of the Czech healthcare system is not only the fact that it is not possible to verify the quality of Chinese doctors, but especially that money for this alternative may be missing elsewhere, for example in the treatment of rare diseases,” senate proposal said.
Another reason is that these forms of assistance should not been paid by insurance companies.
“There is a relatively high aversion to TCM today. I’m not sure it’s a good time to start building. We should agree on the conditions in which we can start and whether at all. At this point, the degree of uncertainty is such that we can not begin. Investors’ promises that it is financially covered are only oral, we have no written evidence that it really is. Quite realistic is the variant that the center of Chinese medicine in Hradec will not develop,” said Roman Prymula, Deputy Minister of Health and vaccinologist..


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